Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How to make an Origami Box

Here's a random post from me of a video I made today showing how to make an origami box. They are so useful, you'll be hooked once you find out how to make one. OBSERVE!

How to Make an Origami Box from Eric Power on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Horror films for Halloween!

So recently, probably like many people out there, I've been on a horror flick kick. However, this year seems a bit stale for me. I haven't found that many TRULY scary films and have been scraping the bottom of the Netflix barrel trying to find stuff to creep me out. Here's a brief rundown of what I have been watching:

THE STRANGERS: saw this one the other day. It started off pretty atmospheric and tense and I enjoyed the character buildup. I feel it kinda just went downhill after they started doing typical dumb things (like splitting up). Kinda lame and I didn't get all that creeped out by the evil doers. Watch Funny Games instead (the original or remake), they are better and cover basically the same territory.

THE MASK OF LESLIE VERNON: I watched this one earlier this year, but remember it being pretty good. It's a mockumentary making fun of slasher films, and was hilarious. Check this one out if you haven't seen it (although it really wont scare you).

OUTPOST: I checked this one out cause it has the guy that played Pullo in Rome. It was pretty good, but had some flaws towards the end that kinda contradicted what happens in the film earlier. Good concept though.

What I have been really into lately is old supernatural kung fu movies like "Encounter of the spooky kind" and "Mr. Vampire". Both were good if you are into that stuff like me.

If you have some recommendations for me leave a comment! :O

Watch this if you can

Although I have yet to see this film (no screening in Austin besides the Fantastic Fest one I missed), it looks pretty incredible.  Being an animator myself probably helps, but seriously check out the trailer: Fears of the Dark Trailer
Looks pretty awesome huh?  If you are in a city that is screening this film, I recommend checking it out.  If you know of some special screening or whatnot here in the Austin area send the info my way!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Introductions are in order

My  name is Eric Power.  I will be contributing to D.A.M. along with Richard Henry.  Exclusive music interviews are on the way courtesy of Richard Henry, while I will be covering film, arts, and other fun subjects.  DESTROY!

Here's something for you to look at while fresh content is being created.  This is the first Episode of a experimental film I directed and co wrote with Richard Henry entitled "Night People: seize the night".  Expect more episodes in the coming weeks.  For more information about the film you can visit: Night People Film

Episode One - Night People: seize the night from Eric Power on Vimeo.
my name is richard henry and I like movies and things of that sort.