Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Introducing: Hot Rails to Hell

Introducing: Hot Rails to Hell

Hot Rails to Hell

A very talented band composed of 2 electricians, a carpenter and a bartender from different bands to form like voltron to create this super sonic sound called Hot Rails to Hell. I met the band at different moments through Kevin (Guitars) of the band. He also turned me onto metal from the Netherlands and other interesting tunes. Had a quick second to chat with Kevin about the band and what not. Rock on

You have an interesting line up, how did you guys form?

Jasmine, Jay, and I all met in 07' and played in a hardcore punk band, Ben Pickett was always around, went on a texas tour with us. Jay and I played in several punk bands before we decided to start a rock n roll project. fall of 09' we asked Ben and Jasmine if they were interested and they were, so we got together and jammed on a few songs, sounded good. Played are first show at the broken neck that next march, and kept going.

What other side projects does the band have?

I play guitar in Night Siege, Jay plays drums in the Blood Royale, Jasmine plays bass in The Altars, and Ben Pickett plays Banjo with Dirty Charlie.

How would you describe your sound?

Toni Iommi had a love child with Angus young

Some of the band influences?

hmmm.....lets go with Black Sabbath, Kiss, motorhead, and early metallica

Any bands that you are currently listening too?

Been listening to lots Darkthrone, the "Kill em all" record, Sabbath, Kiss, band from sweden call Graveyard

Analog or digital?

Mostly analog, lil bit of digital is good.

Upcoming news and gigs that you are looking forward too?

Been working on our full length record with David Dickinson at Lonewolf Productions, should be ready by SXSW

What's your favorite film monster?

The monster from "The Thing"

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Film Review: The American

Film Review: The American

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Directed by Anton Corbijn. It's an adaption from the novel A very Private Gentleman by Martin Booth. George Clooney portrays Jack, an assassin and custom arms maker that's on holiday in the forests of Sweden with his love to find out an ambush. During the ambush he kills his lover and a couple of other assassins then flees to Italy to contact his handler to obtain a job to build a sniper riffle with a silencer. While in Italy he befriends a local priest and falls into a steamy romance with a lovely prostitute (Clara). After building the weapon he decides to ask Clara to run away with him and discovers who the weapon was built to assassinate. The film is sleek and very stylish with a film noir type setting that will leave the audience guessing what is going to happen next. Not your typical blast them to the sky type film but a deeper sense of how alone the main character with beautiful camera work and settings. The cinematography and camera work brings out the old Ian Flemming. The story of the film was well paced and the characters are interesting. This is a film that you can judge by it's cover. Simply cool and mysterious.

3 out of 4 stars

Film Review: Devil

Film Review:Devil

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Directed by Drew Dowdle and story by M. Night Shyamalan. Five people end up stuck in an elevator with the Devil to find that they can't escape their fates. I guess you can call this a supernatural thriller but there was nothing thrilling or supernatural about it really. The cast for the boxcar film was ideal for a Hitchcock type horror. The director of photography did a superb job though. It was a little predictable to find whom the devil was at the end. Over all I found the movie to be alright with some points of interest such as 5 people which stand for the points of a drawn out pentagram star. Not the best nor the worst from M. Night Shyamalan associated films.

1.5 out 4 stars

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Introducing:Butcher Bear

Introducing:Butcher Bear


Saw Butcher Bear with Charlie at Beauty Bar from a recommendation from a friend of a friend. I was curious and thought it was a slash metal group at first from the name then saw a blue bear wearing a snare drum come out from the depths with Charlie singing tunes that were not metal. Enjoyed the show and later ran into him and her at Red Scoot Inn, I think we all had a few adult beverages that evening cause my memory is still kinda foggy about that evening. I was able to have a small interview with the busy bear over the weekend and this what he had to say...

How are you doing today?

Doing good Doing good. Just trying to stay busy .

How would you describe your sound?

pretty junk shop. i use all kinds of different sounds to make songs. Pop music from the gutter. Live instruments, computer box, samplers, drum machines, kids' toys.

How and when did you get into djing and producing tunes?

I've been playing records for ten years. my buddy Craig who performs under the name $hit & $hine, sold me my first turntables when he left for England. I've been writing songs for more like 18 years. in all kinds of different ways. moving to producing and arranging with computer set ups and little drum machines happened maybe 7 years ago. pretty much the same as what I've always done with a few minor adjustments in the process.

Who are some of your influences?

My friends are my biggest influence for sure (soundfounder, Boom Baptist, HOBO D, Reaganometry, Atarimatt, Horse Rappaport, SSS, Answering Machine Records). i always like to see what they are up to. i get a lot of inspiration out of seeing what they come up with. we're all pretty different, but use alot of the same gear, so that helps with ideas. John Coltrane, Tim Kerr, Marc Bianchi (Her Space Holiday).

What are some current sounds that really tickle your ear the most?

I've been listening to tons of Ras G. He really has the craziest music out right now. almost unclassifiable. he makes tracks that seems totally complex, but off the cuff at the same time. it sounds like there's a war going on in the speakers. and the BASS. no one flexes it like him. Also, new Her Space Holiday record. it's not out yet, but i can tell you, the songs on there are so good. real special record for sure.

What are some of your memorable past gigs you had?

Biggest thing that happened last year was creating Exploded Drawing with my homie from Focus Group, soundfounder a.k.a. Andre Brown. A semi-Monthly event we created, where we play records for an hour and then we have 6 twenty minute sets of original live music from Texas and abroad, played by the people that make it on their equipment, ranging from drum machines and pedals to computer-controller set up, to just a loop pedal and a tambourine. We just rented a spot, a sick P.A., and let the homies show us what they've been up to in the Lab. Just so cool to see the community coming together and seeing people perform music they maybe thought they never would.
Also, getting to open up for Nosaj Thing last year was definitely a high point. Huge sound system, got to play some of my fave joints and also a bunch of my own production.

The label (IN)SECT Records, how did that come about and who is on the roster?

It's something I'd wanted to do for a very long time. Just needed the right situation and music to make it a reality.
Currently I've put out records for:

This Moment In Black History (from Cleavland)
Butcher Bear & Charlie
A couple mixtapes with RECSPEC. They do all of our design and web stuff. www.recspec.org
Explosion Horse (Clarke from Cowabunga Babes)
Georgia Anne Muldrow & Dudley Perkins (amazing Fonk from this couple)
california party girls (break your heart music)
Fresh Millions (Big sounds from this tiny band)
Society of Friends (power violence from texas)
Any future releases to expect from (IN)SECT Records?

My schedule for 2011 is as follows:

Starship 27 Vol. 2 (compilation feat. Ras G, Dam-Funk, Computer Jay, I-Ced, J-1, Eric Lau, House Shoes and more) (2X12" vinyl/Digital) coming out March 29, 2011

Reaganometry & Butcher Bear - R&B split EP - (Digital Only) out March 15th (contributing six songs each, this e.p. represents a huge step away from the more pop stuff i've done, and for Reaganometry a huge step toward greatness. He is close to say Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin, Boards Of Canada)

Atarimatt - Happy Mayonnaise (12" vinyl/Digital) out beginning of April - Matt plays an Atari 2600 that he modded out. I have no idea how, but he stores his songs on game cartridges. His debut vinyl release is one of the most evil things we've heard over hear. and it's possible that your young children will like it just as much as you will.

DAK - flexi-disc out in April 2011 - DAK has put out a cassette on a label called Leaving Records. He's a beat maker from L.A. really original music. Never heard anything like it before. and we're putting it on wax. flexible wax.

What are some upcoming events to look out for?

We're doing Exploded Drawing every other month almost. You can get details at facebook.com/explodeddrawing and we're always taking submissions from folks at explodeddrawing@gmail.com if you'd like to come and play it.

We are having the TWO-YEAR anniversary for a monthly DJ night we do over at the Rio Rita. It's called Kon Karne's Butcher Shop with The Bear. Me and Kon Karne spin records every month under a different theme. For our Anniversary which is on Friday February 25, 2011. It's always free, so come have a drink with us to celebrate. The theme this month is "Cotton Panties" podcast is up at www.konkarneandthebear.podomatic.com

Starship 27 Vol. 2 record release shows in L.A. and San Fran beginning of April and later that month we'll be curating a night of performance and music at the Fuse Box Festival here in Austin.

What’s your favorite film monster?

probably David Bowie

Friday, February 11, 2011

X-MEN: First Class

X-MEN: First Class

Been looking forward to this for a long time. It always puts a smile to my face to see my heros come to life and portrayed well.



miguel angel

Ran into Miguel long ago and ran into many different events, noticing that we have many similar tastes in music and film over the years. He's always busy doing something for sure but always make time to catch the crazy aspects of the Austin night life. Eventually he started documented it to these rather cool videos and photos that are stunning. Here's a little interview I had with him the other night about some of things he does and places to possibly catch him at.

So what did you do this past weekend?

Friday: DJ set at the First Friday Frolic at Club De Ville. Then took photos over at the 4th Fashion Freakout at Mohawk. Then Stopped by a bit for my friend's Toddy B's Birthday at Enzo.
Saturday: New Noise at Barbarella
Sunday: Super Bowl at Frank hot dogs

What are some of things that you do?

I take photos, I DJ, I make videos, I promote, I host, and I have it all documented to prove it.

Your photos really capture the moment for the nighttime. How were you influenced to go out and start taking pictures?

I have always been the guy with the camera. I have pictures from my whole life. So it is natural for me to carry a camera with me everywhere. I started by simply photos of only my friends and I, but it quickly started to spread as others just jumped into the photo. People began asking where they could view the photos, so I started to post them online. Then it became what I was known for.

What are some of your craziest moments you’ve had in your nighttime ventures?

Fights and Women. I have captured some pretty crazy fights that can be viewed here http://austinfights.blogspot.com/ and as for the women, well......I'm just too much of a gentlemen to go into details.

When out and about DJing, what are some of your favorite spots to play and what places do you currently play at?

I like the more underground, indie bars to DJ at. I play a fun 80's, 90's, New Wave, Hip Hop set filled with Doo Wop oldies and show tunes. Favorite place right now would have to be Dirty Bills, it's just a friendly small bar with everybody singing along to my every selection. Favorite of all time was Music Gym. "A real shit-hole" some would say, but to me it was like that ugly child only you found beautiful. Filled with beer cans flying, excessive drug use, unnecessary fights, half naked tattooed women......you get point. Everything was "A Go". As of now I have two monthly events: 2nd wednesdays at Dirty Bills called DIRTY and Last wednesdays of every month at Lanai, titled A Night For Lovers.

Any future plans coming up?

Just getting ready for SXSW and another special project Im helping with. Cant really give away to many details other than the name, "Kingdom"

Wanna work on a film?

I focus more on smaller projects, but I'm always up for it.

Who is your favorite film monster?

Pan's Labyrinth
The Pale Man


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Introducing:Eagle Claw

Introducing:Eagle Claw

Eagle Claw

First heard about Eagle Claw via Bart, the drummer of the group a few years ago and he told me about it. I thought it was really interesting and was all about watching a band just get up there and shred kinda like listening to the instrumental B-side of a record. Saw them play for the first time at this spot called Hole in the Wall and had a blast watching everyone going Donkey Kong. Overall I thought it was really innovative and all about attending their future shows. The music is well produced and just awesome. Here's a little interview I did with the group recently.

What is the Story behind Eagle Claw on how you formed in the Fall of 2007?

It was never really supposed to be anything. Bart (Drums) had been jamming with Luther (Bass) off and on just for fun, but it was really infrequent. I don't recall exactly how it happened, but they found out somehow that I could play guitar and asked if I wanted to jam.I said yes, but the only amp I had at the time was a little 8: VOX. Hardly enough to contend with a drum kit and a bass rig. Like I said, it was all just for fun. Eventually though, songs began to form and we all really liked where it was heading. As an instrumental band, we could also see that there was a ton of room sonically to add another guitarist. The process of trying out guitarists took a lot longer than you might think. There's a lot of talented musicians in Austin, but for all of their particular reasons, we knew we had the right guy when Mike joined the band! We never looked back since.

For a metal band you have a very unique sound and wondering why you made the choice of going instrumental versus having vocals?

It really wasn't a conscious decision. We never had playing shows in mind but out sound just kinda grew organically into what it is now. We like what we are doing and so do the people who come out to see us. I can't say that we are against the option of lyrics but for us, now is not the time.

You have a release titled Poacher with some interesting artwork, how was it working on the release and who did the design?

We all had a lot of fun with the release of Poacher! I guess there was a lot to be learned though. We were so unorganized. Instead of trying to get everything done at or around the same time, we did each part individually, which stretched the amount of time from start to finish tremendously. Lesson learned. Bryan Richie recorded and mixed the album, Conrad Keely did the front cover artwork and puregrease.com did the rest of the album artwork.

What are some of your most enjoyable gigs?

Free week shows in ATX are always bad ass! Other than that we have had a lot of opportunities lately to play with a lot of bands that we respect and listen to! The Sword has also been taking us out quite a bit which is always fuckin rad! We had a killer time at Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010 too! We really just like to play live and we always enjoy it.

Any future plans such as a tour?

Of course! I don't know how soon anyone will be reading this but we have a show in OKC on the 11th and Dallas on the 12th, both of which we will be opening for The Sword. After that we will be playing a couple one0off dates from till SXSW ( which we are playing and can announce those shows soon) After SXSW we will be going on a 3 week tour heading Northeast to NYC and back down again. Check eagleclawhurts.com for more listings.

What is your favorite film monster?

Mike is the movie guy, so I had to ask him. Seriously he is that guy you know that remembers every movie and the actors name who played in it. I don't even know who this is but I looked up pictures of this monster and he looks pretty rad. Mike's favorite film monster is C.H.U.D.

More info can be found about Eagle Claw at: