Thursday, May 26, 2011

Remakes Remakes oh me oh my!

So here we go again everyone. More remakes are on the way of our favorite films from our youths. More often than not these are a big letdown, but occasionally gold has been struck so there is some hope left. Let's do a quick list of some successful remakes just to keep out spirits bright:

3:10 to Yuma
The Thing
True Grit
Dawn of the Dead
Ocean's 11
A Fistful of Dollars... let's face it, the film is a remake of Yojimbo
The Fly
Cape Fear

Feels good doesn't it? Which brings me to the news that kind of shocked me yesterday when I heard that Fright Night is getting a reboot. Fright Night!? How odd, don't you think? I loved the original, but damn, it seems like a strange choice. The trailer has been released and, to its credit, looks like an entirely different film rather than a rehash. This one could be good, but I doubt it will have the charm or the humor of the original. Who knows... I have my fingers crossed. I at least feel better about it than what I've seen of the new Conan. No one tops Arnold as Conan.
Another point that bothers me about these remakes is how they simply take the exact same name as the original.... now when we talk about these films we have to say things like "Man, have you ever seen Fright Night 1985?". Ridiculous and confusing. Anyways, here is the trailer to Fright Night. Take a look and let me know what you think.