Sunday, December 28, 2008

Something completely random

X mas is over if you want it.  Here's something to bring you into the new year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Video from Mad Decent ( Duey Fm)

One of my favorite music video creators done done it real good once again!
Happy Holidays internet land and to the Famousish too!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Introducing Queen Majesty

Introducing Queen Majesty
Photo by at Sister Nancy

I had the pleasure to interview Queen Majesty before her set with Sister Nancy recently.
I've been a fan since I found about her Trilla mix cd and been a solid fan since then. Always looking forward to hearing what she'll drop next.

How did you get started with music and what do you do?
Well I DJ and I also do graphic design and I’ve been collecting records since I was 17. Mostly Jamaican music and started throwing parties with a friend of mine in 2000. I’ve been playing reggae ever since then but my first gig was with some friends of mine in Williamsburg. I would go and listen to them every week and they didn’t have a DJ to play in between their sets. I asked the owner if I could play some reggae in between their sets.

How long ago was that?
That was around 2001, about 7 to 8 years ago.

Where you from?
I’m from Buffalo New York but I’ve been living in New York City since 94.

What brought you to the city?

How many records do you have in your collection? I saw that Trojan Record 45 sitting there.
With me I around 300 to 350 45s bout 30 LPs and a couple of 10 inches.

Are there any artists that you like right now?
I would say that I always have in my box Tenor Sau, Branton Aliva, Dennis Brown, and Shinehead.

What was your first show like? Nervous?
I started out playing dub since I had mostly that and Rocksteady stuff. I made a whole play list to use to play out with, kind of like cheat notes.

Where was it?
It was at the Stinger in Williamsburg. They used to give away free bottles of booze if you had sex on the bar. I did hear stories bout people getting free bottles.

How long have you had your radio show on East Village and how did you get involved with it?
A friend of mine, Bryant K, was one of the first DJs to start out and he was doing kind of like a new blue first hour. He asked to throw in for the first hour for the show. That went on for about a year and then he moved to Germany and I took over the show. I was doing the hour with reggae and had guests play the second hour play hip-hop to keep his hour up. It eventually turned into Deadly Dragon Sounds. Two hours officially for a year. Deadly Dragon Sounds started a really long time in Chicago with Rickshaw and Scratch Famous. Scratch Famous move to New York and met up with Jason. They own the store together. I met up with Jeremy from DJing at parties then joined them.

What’s one of the best parties that you have played at?
There’s a lot. This really cool Jamaican Speakeasy in Brooklyn by the Brooklyn Museum. That we played at a few times and went to six in the morning. They cooked food and fish, it was outdoors and even had a heated tent in the wintertime. Just some really cool people handed tobacco leaves and everyone was drinking this Chinese wine and bringing nephews.. Chillin out! They don’t even like the new dancehall. Mostly everyone there was into the older dancehall is what we love (Deadly Dragons) It’s awesome to get an audience to most appreciate what you are playing.

How many cds do you have out? I remember Trilla I received from you during SXSW last year, I was playing it in the car then my friend ended up borrowing it and never giving it back. Great cd!
I just have soo many covers and found many after I made that one but I want to come out with another. Doing a compilation with the clothing company Leroy Jenkins and a dark digital one.

Have you played anywhere outside of the states?
Jamaica in May for a friends wedding and played there for two nights and all the Jamaican people working there, super appreciated the music. They thought it was crazy cause no one plays that stuff anymore. That was cool.

Any other future plans coming up?
Play more in Europe this coming year. More mix cds

What’s your favorite Film monster?

You can find more about Queen Majesty or simply just go to her weekly radio show on East Village Radio.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eric's Pick- Best films of 2008

For some reason I find it really hard to put together a list this year. I'm typically not the type of person who likes to pick favorites, since I enjoy each film for entirely different reasons. I feel the main problem putting a list together is simply that I couldn't find the time to view too many films released this year. My Netflix queue is getting a bit thin these days (probably due to work). I would have loved to check out Synedoche, New York, Burn After Reading, and Gran Turino (among others) before making my decision (I'll have to give an update later).
2008 seemed to be more focused on super hero films (they stole the show, right?) and some major disappointment (I'm looking at you Indiana). So here is a brief list of films that made an impact on me this year:


This was classic storytelling in its finest! I love a film that doesn't have to say much to get its message across, and Wall-E is a prime example. The animation, as always, was superb. It's amazing how much life was put into the characters simply through subtle nuances in body language and tone.


A film that needs no introduction to readers of D.A.M. Scroll down a bit to read my review of this epic masterpiece.


A fine example of modern day filmmaking technique. This film did RIGHT what Diary of the Dead did WRONG, that is, make you believe the person behind the camera would film during such a crisis. Hands down one of the most exciting experiences this year. Plus you gotta love seeing a good old fashioned monster thrashing!


Beautifully crafted animation that told a story we all could relate to, despite cultural differences. I can't stress how much I love seeing traditional animation make a strong impact in 3d obsessed animation world.

Dark Knight

No doubt this one makes the list. Stunning performances, excellent plot, and GOD DAMN was the Joker an evil bastard.

Quantam of Solace

Bond the way he should be portrayed (my opinion of course). This film really tied up Casino Royale well. I love how Bond grows as an agent on his first mission. Daniel Craig brought a human side to Bond that had dwindled in the past films. You really feel for the guy.

These are a few of my top picks of 2008. Once again I must stress that I haven't seen nearly enough of the films that I meant to. If you have a recommendation for me please leave it in the comments section. CHEERS!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Best film of 2008

The Dark Knight

I've seen many movies in 2008. I would have to say more than the average movie goer. Easily over 200 films as I checked with my video account the other day. I look for in films good screen writing, acting, cinematography, storyline, irony, vengeance, film score, and a great ending. I've sat on this for a while and decided to go with the Dark Knight as my pick for the best film of 2008. This film covers everything with flying colors. Such an amazing film with it's deep meanings that could be easily looked over. As the Joker attempts to foil the city by corrupting it's cities white knight in shining armor with blood on his armor to show that everyone is corruptible Batman takes the blame for everything that Harvey Dent in his Two face persona destroyed in pure vengeance brought on by the Joker. Batman find himself to become the Dark Knight. Self sacrifice for the greater good by taking the fault of others. Some things are better left unknown. The last monologue from the film is very powerful in many ways.
The battle between the Joker and Batman can be summed as the ideal of when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. A common yet un looked theme between people. It just never ends. Next time watching the film take a deeper look at what's below. I give this hands down as my pick for film of 2008.

Looking forward for the next in the Batman series, rumor has it the Penguin will be in it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Film Review - Punisher War Zone

I was very excited about seeing this film, despite the fact that I never followed the comic book series. I gotta say I really loved it! There is something about wanton violence in a revenge setting that gets my blood pumping. This film is for those of you who like your gore over the top (Rambo 4 anyone?). The special effects were extremely well done, save for the explosion scenes which weren't as high on the priority list.
The dialogue in this movie, however sparse, was priceless. There were quite a few highly quotable moments in the film along the lines of movies such as Predator (if it bleeds, we can kill it) that had me, and the other theatre goers, laughing in the aisles. Gotta love it. I read a review somewhere saying how it felt like an 80's adrenaline movie. I have to agree, but is that such a crime? Sometimes you just wanna sit back and watch someone KICK ASS!

This is an official Destroy all Monsters recommendation!

Film Review - Mongol

As you can tell from the Academy Award Nomination, this film has some credit to its name. I've been meaning to give this one a go for some time, but just now decided to sit down and watch it.
What a fantastic film! The story follows the rise of Genghis Kahn from a childhood wrought with hardship to one of the most astonishing rulers of the world. The cinematography rules the show on this one, with amazing landscapes and epic scenes. The swordplay in this film is brutal and realistic. The stylization mainly taking form in the sprays of blood that seem to be used as a way to carry on the adrenaline of the scene.
I was also very impressed with the brisk speed the film flows in. Sometimes it seemed the passage of time may have been a bit too quick, leaving out details I would have like to know about, but for such an ambitious film it is easy to overlook such gripes. I'm sure there is a director's cut somewhere down the line with these scenes.
I heard the story is meant to take place as a trilogy of films, since we are left with an obvious hint of a sequel. Unfortunately I haven't seen any evidence of production yet. Hopefully we'll get them soon. I imagine so though, since it garnered such critical acclaim.
Cross your fingers and watch this film NOW!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Movie Review - Trail of Blood

So here's a review on a movie some of you may not have heard of. It's the TRAIL OF BLOOD! For fans of films such as Lady Snowblood and Lone Wolf and Cub (AKA Shogun Assassin ~only better and in multiple parts).

This film has a similar feel to it, and a perfect plot of vengeance to inspire the main protagonist. Without giving much away, the story follows a drifter samurai who leaves his life of swordplay to settle down and start a family. Unfortunately he's pissed some serious people off and finds himself a drifter once again after his family is brutally slain. Needless to say he is driven to destroy the people who schemed the heinous plot.
I really dig the characters in this film. There's a lot of depth to some of the bad guys, the main character is a badass, and a few mysterious characters come in and out of the story that make you want to know them more.
It's not as violent as Lone Wolf, but it has its moments. There were a few times when the choreography seemed off (people in the background 'waiting their turn' to fight him while they have a clean shot at a kill), but not too often to be distracting.
Now I've only seen the first installment of the trilogy, but Netflix is sending me the rest. I enjoyed this film a lot and hope the rest of the films live up to the expectations I have.

I will let you all know once I've watched them.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sikitikis - Piove Deserto music video

Here's a rather interesting music video I came across today. Love the Creature from the Black Lagoon thing they have going. This video has style to spare. Great job from the Cinematographer. Now click the play button and love you some MONSTERS!
Director: Postodellefragole

Austin: 12.11.08 chop shop @ the Draft House


Ramin Bahrani's award winning film.
Alejandro, a tough and ambitious Latino street orphan on the verge of adolescence, lives and works in an auto-body repair shop in a sprawling junkyard on the outskirts of Queens, New York. In this chaotic world of adults, young Alejandro struggles to make a better life for himself and his 16-year-old sister, Isamar.

I used to work out there but lived in Washington Heights many years back. Crazy.

Austin local legend DJ Mel will be dropping some amazing tunes before the film with free giveaways with some free adult beverages. So come out and grab a seat with me.

free limited entry rsvp at

Alamo Draft House
1120 South Lamar
Austin TX 78704

2009 Grammy's

The 2009 Grammys

Just been very excited about this and watching this closely. The Grammys are coming up soon.
Nominations are all ready in place.

M.I.A. song "Paper Airplanes" from the album Kala is up for record of the year but the competition is pretty thick I must say. If it wins that would be insanely awesome! Also Lil Wayne is up for 8 different categories. Danger Mouse is up for producer of the year. Some interesting performances and maybe a few sensitive times and a few laughs. One of the few days I'll sit in front of a TV and watch TV for that extended amount of time. I'm excited and may honestly fly out there for this.
The Grammys air on CBS on February 8, 2009

Monday, December 1, 2008

BoyCatBird in CitySuckers

BoyCatBird in CitySuckers

Saw Michna play at the Hexagon in Baltimore a little while ago. Rather enjoyable show to say the least with all the visuals with system D12 running them and the many instruments on stage . Here is a really neat animated video take that ghostly international did on the first song and this other song from Mux Mool. It caught my eye for sure via Mr. Boggs.

Music is
Michna - Triple Chrome Dipped
Mux Mool - Night Court

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fears of the Dark

So I recently caught a showing of the animated collection film "Fear[s] of the Dark". I had been anticipating the release of this film for a long time. What did I think of it? Hmmm. It's complicated.

From an animation perspective there was a lot of fantastic work on display. Some of it was truly inspiring. There was one that I didn't like much at all sprinkled throughout the film involving shapes moving about. I felt for the theme of the film, this story fell short. On the opposite side of the spectrum was an amazing short - the last one in the program - that left me spellbound. Also the charcoal animation from Lorenzo Mattotti was beautiful.

From the story perspective... I liked two. Robert Burns story was very cool and the final animation from Richard McGuire was my favorite (and the most true to the theme of the collection).

My number one problem with this film.... the SUBTITLES!! Now I love to watch films in their original language... in fact I prefer it, but this film needed to handle the subtitles better. Maybe it was the screen I watched it on, but they were sooo hard to read! Maybe they should've dubbed it over (it is animation after all so re dubbing wouldn't make it seem awkward). I feel if it weren't for the hard to read subtitles I could've been more immersed in the film. Oh well... maybe a dvd release will come with an option (or fix the problem by adding a black bar underneath for the subtitles to go....

Despite the flaws, I must say I loved seeing some independent animation on the big screen with a more adult theme. It's tragic so many adults feel animation is just for children. Luckily things are looking up. Next year is going to be a big one for animation...stop motion actually. Wes Anderson is directing a stop motion to a classic Rhoald Dahl story and Coraline is coming out in February. I'm excited and you should be too!

Here's the trailer for Fear[s] of the Dark.... now go support your indie animators!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Interview preview with Diplo

Introducing Diplo

Diplo Interview #1 from uLOVEi on Vimeo.

This a preview of an interview we had with Diplo. More to come of the interview. I got this sony recorder thing stuffed with interviews from scottie b , cullen (taxlo), queen majesty and more. I'm on it and have tons more on the email that I need to fill out. XL interviews no time for no XS steeze. Mad shout out to ulovei for the video thangz and more. Also mad shout out to Mr. Wes Pentz. So check it and tell your friends bout it and all that good stuff cause you can.

Another fun music video for you, my friends

Here's a video from Washington for their song "Clementine". I love it. The animation was done by We Buy Your Kids. Check them out. Good stuff.

Here's the video:

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Episode Four - Night People

The latest episode is on the subject of music. There's also some chance encounters as well as a nice spoken word piece by Jazz One. Special interview from Professor Philip Ford on music. His lectures inspired the making of this film by the way.

Episode Four - Night People: seize the night from Eric Power on Vimeo.

Autokratz- Stay the same video

Check out this super slick video for Autokratz directed by Laurie Thinot and animated by Gustavo Almenara.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Check out this video

Here's a video from Arms that I am crazy about. I've been very interested in doing an animation for one of his tracks since I know it'd be great. Anyways... here is the video directed by Graham Hughes. You can find more music from Arms from his myspace page:

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Kanye West - Heartless video

Here's the new video for Kanye West's song Heartless. Directed by Hype Williams. I'm always happy to see animation get a wider audience through the popularity of musicians. It's good to see some support out there. Enough said: enjoy!

Heartless from kwest on Vimeo.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Episode Three - Night People

Here's the next episode of Night People for those of you keeping up.

This one has some good stuff you'll want to see. A very interesting cab ride, nocturnal animals, caffeine and cigarettes.

Episode Three - Night People: seize the night from Eric Power on Vimeo.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

FUN FUN FUN FEST - Afterthoughts

I had a great time over at the festival this past weekend and managed to see quite a lot of the stuff I was excited about. Among my favorite moments were:

Trail of dead rocked it pretty hard! I made it back to the fest just in time to catch some songs. This was the first time I saw them live and now really want to catch a full set/grab their album.

Deerhoof surprised me. They came out full force in these quirky lion and tiger costumes and had the crowd going nuts.

This was the perfect way to finish off the night. A full on dance party on stage! I think we almost made the stage collapse. It was THAT CRAZY! I had seen Z trip before, and he's getting better and better each time.

I really like these guys style! I've been a fan ever since I saw their fantastic music video for "Oh Mandy" directed by the very talented Jon Watts. I'll leave you with it:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Interview with Matt Sonzala

Matt Sonzala

28 October 2008


How long have you been in the music game starting out for the readers?

Well man, I grew up with parents who loved music, and well they love to party. So I was always around music, live music. To this day, I have some pretty rad parents who are just down to keep it real. Musically and you know, they really haven’t lost much of that fire. Anyway, they were divorced, but both had a ton of records. The Rolling Stones, the Beatles, The Doors, and all that but like my mom loved funk and soul and disco as well so I’d hear like The Ohio Players, Marvin Gaye, Skyy, Donna Summer, and all that in the house, and then at my dads I’d hear like Joni Mitchell and Jim Croce, and all sorts of great songwriters. Of course as a kid I latched on to like the theatric shit of the 70’s like KISS and Alice Cooper, who incidentally were the first two concerts I ever saw, in 1979. Fucking life changing, I was 7 years old. I also was intrigued with punk rock as it was beginning to permeate mainstream America. And growing up where I did, I heard hip-hop from like day 2. My mom would listen to Super Soul Saturday on WERG in Erie, and like, for 30 minutes a week they’d play hip-hop. Still do that to this day man. It was really my intro to that sort of thing. And I credit my mom for that.

But my dad had this company while he was still living in Erie, and he also owned a bar and managed a lot of the local bands. So I tagged along with him a lot when I was like 4 – 7 years old, literally in and out of bars/clubs, to TV stations for band tapings, outdoor festivals. He did a lot of the bookings and shit. So like, I saw a lot of this music business shit first hand before I was even ten years old. I also saw the connection between and the effects of the drug game and the music business back in those days. Seriously, I have a lot of crazy memories from back before I was even 8 years old.

And so I guess it was only natural. I always say that I do this shit cuz I really don’t know how to do much else. I really don’t.

When was the first time you threw a show and who?

Man the first show I ever booked was in April of 1989 – Laughing Hyenas, Knifedance and Lost - so yeah man the 20 year anniversary is next spring. FEEL THAT! It’s kind of a long story but a good one. Like I said, I grew up in Erie, PA, and that’s a fairly small city. Not a small town, like a one horse town, but a city that is just not all that big. And like all the cities in that region, the rust belt, it was kind of dead. So we really grew up having nothing to do – though looking back now I realize that there’s a lot to do out there nature wise, if you are into that shit. Which I am, but wasn’t when I was a teenager. I just wanted to buy records and go to shows.

Anyway it was the dead of winter in 1988 and these old school punk rock dudes in a band called My 3 Scum threw an all ages show at this spot called The Continental Ballroom. This place was a “club” for older Italian dudes, dudes who were actually musicians, and they had a stage in there, a bocci court, like, this was just a place where the dudes would go and hang out, play music, drink, whatever. The building itself was an old factory and the north side of it was completely destroyed. Like they brought the wrecking ball out one day, smashed half of it and decided to stop. So literally this building was half piles of crumbled brick, and half deserted factory. But these dudes made their space pretty cool and My 3 Scum rented it out for a local Sunday afternoon show with three bands. It was all ages, and it was packed. Finally we, the kids had something to do.

I’m not even sure why I did this, but I spotted one of the owners and went and talked to him. I says, “Hey man if I can get some touring bands to come through Erie, do you think I could throw some shows here? He says “Sure kid, just gimme a call.” And he gave me his number.

So back then, remember this was pre-internet, I spent all my money on records and often had to order said records directly from the bands, via the US Mail. This band from Detroit, the Laughing Hyenas had become, and pretty much remain, my favorite band, and well I wrote them a letter and ordered a record or some shit, and in the letter I said “Hey man I am starting this magazine and would like to interview you sometime.” Well, I was 16 years old and had no magazine, I just wanted to scam some free shit and open some dialogue. Well, John Brannon, the singer from the band, who also was in the best hardcore band of all time, Negative Approach, wrote me back and included his phone number for the interview. I’ll never forget, me and my man Mike were sitting in my living room looking at this letter. I was holding the phone and like thinking “Should I call this dude?”

So I did it finally, it was like 9 p.m. on a Friday, and Brannon answered. I was all like “Uh hello, this is Matt Sonzala from Erie, PA, um I wrote you recently and you wrote me back about an interview.” He was all friendly and like “YEAH MAN WHAT’S THE DEAL? IT’S ALL GOOD LET’S DO THIS.” So I was like, damn that was easy. So we start talking and I asked him if he wanted to do a show in Erie, this was like December of 1988. He said they would be on tour in April and would love to play Erie, so I got the date and booked them on the spot. Went to the club and talked to the owner and he was with it. We had four months to promo it, so that was perfect. I learned everything in those months. What we needed for proper sound, what we needed for street promo, how to get it listed in the newspaper, what we had to do to get them played on the college radio station. I mean, me and two of my boys, Mike and Rich, we were really flying by the seat of our pants. Going to Kinkos and making flyers and stapling up like, literally 1,000 of them across the city. Every night for months. We blanketed that place.

We also faced a lot of adversity, which is a lesson you need to learn in the music biz, there’s a lot of people fighting against you out there. Like the band My 3 Scum was mad at first that I didn’t put them on the show. Then they realized I was a little kid and I told them that I wanted to do a lot of shows and I wanted to have them on a lot of shows, but this one was different. They didn’t really fit the bill, but shit, those dudes were like my punk rock heroes and shit. I didn’t want to offend them, and they understood and we became super good friends. Funny thing is though, before we talked, I was kind of scared cuz everyone was all abuzz about how My 3 Scum was gonna kick my ass for infringing on their scene. But then we talked and it was all good. That was a serious life lesson right there regarding gossip and petty shit inside a scene or whatever.

This other dude phoned the Laughing Hyenas and told them I was a little kid and was gonna fuck everything up and told them to cancel the show. John Brannon called me all freaked out and I was like “LOOK DUDE I HAVE YOUR MONEY RIGHT HERE. I HAVE THE GUARANTEE IN MY POCKET. You come play the show and if everything is fucked up, at the very least you will get your money.”

My mom also helped me through all that, cuz seriously it was heavy. I was trying to do what I thought was a good thing, and I faced all this adversity. She was always telling me “Fuck those dudes, they ain’t doing shit, you do what you want and don’t worry about them.” And I did, and continue to live by those rules to this day. Anyway, the show was amazing. We broke even, everyone got paid, had a great time and we did shows all that summer. NOFX, Jawbox, AG’s, DJ Leibowitz, Knifedance, M.F.D., tons of regional bands, Slag, man dude we had quite a summer in 1989. I remember I paid NOFX $60. I am not proud of that, but that’s how it was back then.

What inspired you to start Damage Control? Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Well radio is one of my main passions. I have always loved it. Growing up in Erie, Pennsylvania, I was literally like a couple miles from Lake Erie, and 45 miles across Lake Erie was Canada, and right down the road was Cleveland and Buffalo, across the lake a lil further to the west is Detroit, so like, there was really nothing in between Erie and these other cities except for water and air, like it’s supposed to be.

Anyway. I could get all these radio stations from all over just with this lil transistor radio. So I would sit up at night in my bed with the headphones on and like tune my radio ever so slowly. I mean seriously, with super precision and I’d hear all these different stations. That was back when there was a semblance of diversity on the radio. Back when a city could have a radio station actually represent its city rather than corporate interests. I’d hear John Peel re-broadcasts on Canadian radio. Pirate radio from Canada. Toronto rock stations playing like so much Canadian rock I would have never heard otherwise. I’d listen to French Canadian stations playing really weird experimental music. Soul on Detroit radio. Hip-hop on Buffalo radio. This was way before we had the internet in every home and I used to like fantasize about “cable radio.” Like man I wish I could have access to all these stations in like Russia, and Kenya, or whatever. Now we do.

So anyway, I started doing my first radio show, which was a reggae show in 1988, and then moved to Houston and got on KPFT in 1991 with this dude Rad Richard. We did the Strictly hip-hop show for three years starting out with the 3:30 a.m. – 5:30 a.m. slot. Then in 1994 I moved to New York, and didn’t do any radio there. In 1995 I moved to Austin and helped out Bryan Patrick with his weekly show on KVRX. In 1996 I had a show on Radio Static in Amsterdam, and then in 1997 I moved to Austin to live with my wife Melissa and didn’t do radio again until Damage Control. Lived in Chicago for three years then moved back to Houston right after September 11th.

I said to my wife when we got back “I am going to have a radio show again here within a year,” and ended up starting Damage Control six months after getting back to Houston.

KPFT is run by activists. It’s an independent station in Houston that really is home to a lot of people who are passionate about music and issues. I’m definitely one of those people and at the time of my return I could tell that there were some rumblings over at the station. There was a whole new guard in place and they were radically overhauling the station, which had pretty much become a Triple A/Americana station, rather than the community outlet it was intended to be. So I went up there and realized that I knew a lot of the old activists who were there, and some of the new cats there had actually grown up listening to my Strictly Hip Hop show. That freakin’ floored me man! So I had these old cats I was already down with and then these young people, with fresh, vibrant energy who were all stoked to get me back on the radio. This gave me a ton of inspiration man, and we all pushed hard to get a new hip-hop show on KPFT. One that really represented the community. One that let the folks come in off the street and get their voices heard.

I named it Damage Control because I personally feel as though corporate controlled radio actually damages the community. It separates the community and homogenizes them and marginalizes them. It assumes what people like and lumps us all together into this steaming pile of worthless shit. In Houston, man, everybody raps. From the hood to the burbs, Houston is a hip-hop city. It’s hip-hop’s renegade, wild west. And I didn’t see anyone really repping for the people. I’m talking bout the kid who made a demo tape, 10 years after cdrs became the norm. But on that tape was his soul and if someone didn’t extend some sort of hand to him, he’d NEVER be heard. Man seriously, we were on for 5 years from 12 midnight till 3 am every Wednesday night. We’d have over 200 people in the lobby, the back yard, the parking lot, all networking and waiting to get on every week and we never had a negative incident. The only thing we ever got in trouble for was when somebody spilled some fruity blue drink on the carpet of the lobby and never cleaned it up. Other shows would get shit for having 4 or 5 rowdy drunks in the place in the middle of the night and get in trouble. We’d seriously have 200 people down there sometimes, just vibing and networking and it was one of the most positive things I have ever done in my life.

I’m feinding so hard to get back on the radio right now.

How was your transition from Houston to Austin? You used to live here?

Well I lived in Austin for all of 1995 and then like January of 1997 till mid 1998 when my wife graduated from UT and we moved to Chicago for three years on a whim. I always loved Austin. Such a mellow, cool, naturally beautiful place. I love Houston for the opposite reasons. Anyway, the transition was a little hard, because man, Austin moves at a much different pace from Houston, so getting into the groove here was a bit of a challenge for a couple of months. But now man I am loving it. Austin is the greatest city in the country man, in so many ways. The only thing I don’t like is driving here. You Austin motherfuckers need to learn that the gas pedal is on the right and the brake is on the left. Also, green means go and you don’t have to come to a full stop on the feeder road to pull into a parking lot. That being said, I know that people drive slow here because the cops are there poaching around every corner. It might be the speeding ticket capital of the world, I don’t know. But seriously man I have never experienced a city where the majority of the people drive BELOW the speed limit most of the time. I get serious road rage when I am on like 183, and there’s not even a lot of traffic and I look down and I am going 50 mph in a 65 cuz I’m following some stoner who can’t find the Planet K or some shit. I am serious man, driving is the only thing I don’t like about Austin. Other than that, it’s an oasis of good living. For real. I’m a nature boy who loves music, and beer, and mellow people, so yeah man, Austin is my spot. But we could use some mass transpo asap. Hello light rail, I pray for you every night. Don’t do us like Houston did, make it REAL.

But yeah man, the transition is over. I live in Austin now. Own a house and love it so much. My job helps with that too. I couldn’t ask for a cooler place to work man. SXSW is pretty much the bomb. I helped with their hip-hop shows from 1993-1996 and then started booking hip-hop for them in 2004. Moved here to work full-time with them in January of this year and am loving it.

New favorite past time Austin habits developing? Frisbee Golf? Shiner happy hour?

Well I have always loved Shiner Happy Hour. It’s always Shiner Happy Hour in my world really. I have never golfed and have never played Frisbee golf, so no not that. Um. I don’t know. My favorite Austin past times are swimming in Barton Springs, Lake Travis, Lake Buchanan, Deep Eddy, NW Pool, etc. The swimming options in Austin are unmatched the world over! Really swimming, biking and eternal Shiner happy hours are my favorite past times here. I’ll go see the bats come out anytime someone wants to go, and the Round Rock Express field, Dell Diamond or whatever, is one of the coolest places I have ever watched a baseball game. Also watching a show from the roof of Mohawk or the upper deck of the Flamingo Cantina, The Parish or anywhere at Club Deville. This is Heaven to me.

Do you see a change in music from the two cities and what’s your opinion on them both developing in the different genres such as rock vs rap?

Change? Not really. Houston is still Houston rap and Austin is still weird out music of all ilks. Like seriously. I went to a rap show a couple weeks back in Austin and thought about how much it still looked like 1990 up in there. When I first would come to Austin from Houston and go to shows, I’d see all these white kids rapping. We didn’t have that in Houston at the time. Not like it was in Austin. And a couple weeks back I was like “Man this is just like 1990.” First a gangsta group of East Side dudes came on. Then a big white dude and a little black dude came on and did some weird, hipster sort of rap, then these Mexican kids came on 10 deep, then another inter-racial combo doing player shit, I mean, it was just like back in the day and I like that about Austin.

Austin gets a bad rap cuz it is pretty overwhelmingly white in some parts, but man, it’s really not as small as people think and there’s all kinds of folks in this town. And honestly, the real, genuine people, co-exist better here across color lines and all that, than they do in a lot of cities. There’s plenty of good ol’ boys here who fuck that up a bit, and restrict access to certain clubs and whatever, but really, it’s a pretty cool place where diverse people can get along. And it affects the music.

I like bands here like Grimy Styles who are way out there and on their own thing, Awesomecooldudes who really rep the fun side of living in Austin, When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth rep for that crazy, avant-noisy side of Don’t-Give-A-Fuck Austin, which I also love. Rattletree Marimba is like no other band I have ever seen. Daniel Francis Doyle is a one man walking revolution. I mean seriously man, the music scene here has a lot to offer. We just need more of a national/international platform to promote it. SXSW is great, but it’s only a few days a year. We need to be exporting more of this Austin music to the masses, cuz a lot of it rules. Look at our heavy hitters, Ghostland Observatory, Spoon, man there’s actually a lot of bands coming from Austin and even more behind them. Paul C is blowing up. We need to keep Austin pumping musically, SXSW does that for sure, but there’s incredible music being created in Austin every day. There’s so much great music being made here. There’s also an overwhelming amount of crap, but that’s true to every city the world over. People here are definitely making music. A lot of it. Every where you turn.

Any style of music you see taking up as the current trend or the near future?

I don’t give a shit about a style of music. I like music, great music. So no, I don’t know man. I will say that I don’t hear a TON of original, ground breaking, earth shattering music these days. But there’s still a lot of good stuff.

What’s some music or bands you currently taking a liking to and why?

For the past month, and I don’t know why, but I have pretty much only listened to The Smiths, The Fall and Black Sabbath and a couple of times I pulled out Ice Cube’s Amerikkka’s Most Wanted and then Paris – The Devil Made Me Do It. I really like Bavu Blakes a lot, he is one of the best dudes to ever do it in hip-hop to me. I love Dred Skot and Southbound out here in Austin. Um, Question from San Antonio is real dope, as is Mojoe. Money Waters is one of my favorite rappers out there period. Black Mike and Gerald G are incredible lyricists. Pimpin’ Pen writes hits man. I don’t know man. I do know that I think most bands in 2008 with keyboards are worthless, terrible rip-offs for people who didn’t have to suffer through the 80’s to glamorize it. Know what I mean? Some of the worst music of all time is being made right now, across the board. I blame technology. Band wise I’ma give it to Grimy Styles. I like the TonTons and Hearts & Animals from Houston. Yppah. Um, I don’t know man. There’s cool stuff out there.

Do you have any suggestions for upcoming artists trying to get their name out there?

Yeah, get your name out there. Get some people to help get your name out there. Get out there. Meaning get out of town, as far away as you can go, as much as you can. Tour incessantly and don’t stop touring. Create merchandise and find your way around the planet. Otherwise you’ll never be anything.

Any near future plans? Places looking forward to visit?

Man seriously, November 13th at the Mohawk, Bavu Blakes & the Extra Plairs, Mojoe and Black Mike & Kemistry. DJ Knowledge on the wheels and hosted by Terel Shahid. Email your rsvp to for discount admission. November 15th I have Golden Boys, Peaking Lights, Rusted Shut and DJ Chill on the Beauty Bar Patio. That’s like a noise rock meets Houston Screw music extravaganza, hosted by me and with a special guest appearance by the Craigger “Brutus” White, this underground avant garde experimental legend doing “Screaming Word,” not spoken word. Then on November 22nd at the Scoot Inn, Sister Nancy, Grimy Styles, DJ Queen Majesty and Mossman Sound System. That’s gonna be off the hook. I’m looking forward to not visiting anywhere really till after the first of the year, actually.

Who is your favorite film monster out there?


My latest music video for The Boxing Lesson - Dark Side of the Moog is now up for your viewing enjoyment! Check it out!

The Boxing Lesson - Dark Side of the Moog from Eric Power on Vimeo.

wabbits and gunz

I just been diggin this vid for a while and crack up every time I check it. Maybe cause of being fan of action or japan ultra violent cinema or just the dark humor behind this short animation or just the style it was done in. Honestly who knows but what I do know is that I wanted to share this with you. Hope you enjoy!


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

13 NOV. 08 - The Upsetters. A film about Reggae Legend, Lee Scratch Perry


The Upsetters directed by Ethan Higbee and Adam Bhala Lough

"I’m an artist, a musician, a magician, a writer, a singer; I’m everything. My name is Lee from the African jungle, originally from West Africa. I’m a man from somewhere else, but my origin is from Africa, straight to Jamaica through reincarnation; reborn in Jamaica..."

Lee "Scratch" Perry (born Rainford Hugh Perry, on March 20, 1936, in Kendal, Jamaica) is a Grammy award-winning reggae and dub artist, who has been highly influential in the development and acceptance of reggae and dub music in Jamaica and overseas. He employs numerous pseudonyms, such as "Pipecock Jaxxon" and "The Upsetter". Arguably the first creatively driven, "artist-producer" in modern recorded music, Lee "Scratch" Perry occupies the highest level of music making - standing comfortably next to pioneers like George Martin, Phil Spector, and Brian Wilson.

Hope to see you there!

Monday, November 3, 2008

In light of the election!

Indeed we all have our different views, but I'm sure we can all agree that these videos are awesome. check em out:

FIRST: this dance off video that was featured on youtube today.

HERES ANOTHER I FOUND: you have to go to the link to watch it though cause the embed wont fit.

Episode 2

This next section of the film covers CRIME and self defense.
Renowned evolutionary psychologist, David Buss, shares his thoughts on crime and the night.

Episode TWO - Night People: seize the night from Eric Power on Vimeo.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The motherfucking DEATH SET!

Why hello there. I had the pleasure to play a show with these cool cats recently. Here is a rad interview with The Death Set before their show at Red 7 brought to you by Transmission Entertainment.
Interview from ULOVEI Thanks guyz!

1..2...3.. DeathSet interview ready GO! GO! GO!

The Death Set Interview from uLOVEi on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

How to make an Origami Box

Here's a random post from me of a video I made today showing how to make an origami box. They are so useful, you'll be hooked once you find out how to make one. OBSERVE!

How to Make an Origami Box from Eric Power on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Horror films for Halloween!

So recently, probably like many people out there, I've been on a horror flick kick. However, this year seems a bit stale for me. I haven't found that many TRULY scary films and have been scraping the bottom of the Netflix barrel trying to find stuff to creep me out. Here's a brief rundown of what I have been watching:

THE STRANGERS: saw this one the other day. It started off pretty atmospheric and tense and I enjoyed the character buildup. I feel it kinda just went downhill after they started doing typical dumb things (like splitting up). Kinda lame and I didn't get all that creeped out by the evil doers. Watch Funny Games instead (the original or remake), they are better and cover basically the same territory.

THE MASK OF LESLIE VERNON: I watched this one earlier this year, but remember it being pretty good. It's a mockumentary making fun of slasher films, and was hilarious. Check this one out if you haven't seen it (although it really wont scare you).

OUTPOST: I checked this one out cause it has the guy that played Pullo in Rome. It was pretty good, but had some flaws towards the end that kinda contradicted what happens in the film earlier. Good concept though.

What I have been really into lately is old supernatural kung fu movies like "Encounter of the spooky kind" and "Mr. Vampire". Both were good if you are into that stuff like me.

If you have some recommendations for me leave a comment! :O

Watch this if you can

Although I have yet to see this film (no screening in Austin besides the Fantastic Fest one I missed), it looks pretty incredible.  Being an animator myself probably helps, but seriously check out the trailer: Fears of the Dark Trailer
Looks pretty awesome huh?  If you are in a city that is screening this film, I recommend checking it out.  If you know of some special screening or whatnot here in the Austin area send the info my way!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Introductions are in order

My  name is Eric Power.  I will be contributing to D.A.M. along with Richard Henry.  Exclusive music interviews are on the way courtesy of Richard Henry, while I will be covering film, arts, and other fun subjects.  DESTROY!

Here's something for you to look at while fresh content is being created.  This is the first Episode of a experimental film I directed and co wrote with Richard Henry entitled "Night People: seize the night".  Expect more episodes in the coming weeks.  For more information about the film you can visit: Night People Film

Episode One - Night People: seize the night from Eric Power on Vimeo.
my name is richard henry and I like movies and things of that sort.