Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wolverine. Xmen. Prequel

Coming very soon..
"Become the animal.. Embrace the other side.. I'm coming for blood.."
I just have a sweet spot for vengeance.
I'm very excited about this new film coming out. I'm sure you seen it or heard rumors about it. But this film is going to be a bit x-treme in many ways and slighlty epic for the comic book enthusiast and the action hunger crowd. Seriously.. Wolvie is no hold bars on this one.

A note from Eric
I'm interested in seeing how this one plays out as well.  Also of interest is the game being released with the film.  All previews seeem to suggest it'll be the first time Wolverine was done right in a game.  The game is supposedly very violent, keeping true to the savage nature of the character.  It's about time!
Oh... and it looks like Hugh Jackman will be hosting the Oscars this year.  

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