Monday, June 28, 2010

J Dilla

J Dilla Documentary

Genius pure genius

J Dilla is simply an amazing person and artist. I first found out about Dilla long ago when he was with Slum Village. I kinda drifted off on to other tunes but always came back impressed what Dilla produced. His beats were just on a scale from one to ten, a 20. He passed away long ago from a rare blood disease and possibly Lupus. Finishing Donuts from his hospital bed and touring Europe from a wheel Chair. Also was 75% finished with his last album The Shining. His work ethic was just on point as his beat production. I just have soo much respect for him and inspired every time I think of him or see pictures of him working on tracks. The 3 part interview below captures Dilla better than I can put to words and what he did.
Respect always to J Dilla.

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