Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Film Review:Following

Film Review: Following

the following

Following is the first film that Christopher Nolan directed. He spent a whole year working on this film which was filmed every Sunday during that time while holding onto his day job. The film tells the tale of a mans obsession with following people to find what they do and how they do it which leads him into a situation of course that hits him right into a pigeon type scenario. The film is shot in black and white which carries a modern day film noir type feel with a touch of suspense in an art house type sense. I found the film interesting and would watch it again during some coffee during the day but would consider this a sleeper of a film. It was well shot and the characters in the film were believable. I can see a situation like this taking place in a well populated city such as New York or Chicago. Overall I would check this out if your into Hitchcock. Curiosity killed the cat would be the summary of the film.

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