Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Film Review: Cape Fear

Film Review: Cape Fear

In the spirit of Halloween I decided to revisit some of my favorite films about freaks and creeps. On the top of my list was this gem from Martin Scorsese: Cape Fear!
Widely considered one of the best remakes in history (up there with another favorite The Thing), Cape Fear takes the viewer on a crazy ride through the eyes of a psychopath!
And who better to play a murderous ex con than Robert De Niro.  He will send a chill down your spine as you place yourselves in the victims shoes.  His performance takes this film to a whole other level, and in my opinion is one of his best roles.
I love the old style direction Scorsese implemented.  It feels like a cross between a Hitchcock thriller and an old school horror flick.  And to top it off, we get an excellent intro sequence from the king of the intros Saul Bass!  
The entire film has an amazing sense of tension, that keeps you on the edge of your seat to see how far this creep will go in his blind quest for vengeance.  Scenes that stand out in particular are the stake out at the victims house that goes awry, and of course the amazing conclusion while floating down a river.  
Chances are you've seen this film before, but I would love to recommend you re-watch this fantastic film while the season is ripe.  

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