Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Film Review: Wilco: Ashes of an American Flag

Film Review: Wilco: Ashes of an American Flag


I first heard about the Chicago based band Wilco from watching them side stage at Austin City Limits a while ago. I didn't know who they were at the moment but thought their live set was amazing and energetic. Asking a person before they set on stage which happened to be one of the members. I caught wind of this film when it was screened at the Alamo Draft House. What drew me to the film also was who directed it and mixed the film. One of the directors is Brendan Cantry of Fugazi and Eli Janney from Girls against Boys who mixed and engineered the film. A couple of people that I see as a big influence for me. It's an enjoyable film if you're a fan of the band and watching the film just might make you a fan. Ya never know!

Here is some more information of the film:


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