Friday, January 9, 2009

Introducing Emily Rabbit

Introducing Emily Rabbit


I have heard of Emily Rabbit a while ago through the pipeline about her parties, how well they went and about the BBC a while ago. After a few ventures to Baltimore I met up with Emily.
I recently had a little quick bunny sit down with Emily about what she does.

Can you tell us a little bit about your self and what you do in the Baltimore area?

My name is Emily Rabbit and I am "funemployed". That is the term I came up with to describe the diverse array of activities that keep me busy.

What are some of those activities?
I am a DJ and I run a weekly on Wednesdays at TheOttobar that I started with Devlin&Darko. And a Monday in Philadelphia I do with Plastic Little & Spank Rock called Jang House. I am also a frequent guest DJ at Tax Lo & some DC/Philly parties.

What kind of music would you expect to hear at the weeklies?
Both weeklies are pretty diverse musically but I play a lot of rare soul, muntant disco and low fi post punk. I have a good collection of weird American indie noise that I collected when I was managing a record label called Morphius.

What is the Baltimore Bass Connection?
It was a collective that included Chris Devlin, Ron Darko, xxxchange, Naeem Juwan, Chipset & myself, also a nice dude name Oliver Jones of Shop Gentei and Sly&Robby fame.
Chipset is responsible for the amazing "50 ways" remix we released.

Sounds pretty heavy of a party. How did this come together?
We were all friends and working in music, fashion and art and then Spank Rock really took off as a touring force so we kind of dissolved

Do you still get together to do some collective shows here and there?
We still use the BBC collective to throw an annual xmas party, Its basically the most badass party of the year. It was packed this year. It was our 5th consecutive event.


I heard this years was a blast! I read in a cd insert from the Death Set Emily Rabbit. Do you still work with them?
I still tour with them ocasionally and we are thick as theives but they work with their new label, Counter (Ninja Tune) on all the biz. I put out their first 2 EPS on my imprint, RabbitFoot.

Is Rabbitfoot still active? PR company correct?
I am not planning on releasing anymore actual albums but I still use the name to throw events and work with some newer bands

Whats some the best times from 2008? In events for you?
Bands I am working with now: Spank Rock, Ninjasonik, The Death Set, Smarts and my new passion Po Po from Philly. Whartscape was definitely a blast. Its a 3 day festival put on by Baltimore's Wham City Collective and of course my Xmas party was the best night to date.

What are some future ventures for Emily Rabbit?
I am stoked on Po Po for sure.

What's their sound like?
They are a 3 piece from Philadelphia who are working with Mad Decent and they are basically the future. Also Cerebal Ballsy out of Brooklyn are amazing and Smarts a 3 piece from Baltimore are my secret weapon.

What's your favorite film monster?
Ms. Doubtfire or the Olson twins

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