Saturday, May 16, 2009

Film Review: Splinter

Film Review: Splinter
I recently checked out this great little horror movie!  I wasn't expecting much at all going into it and was pleased to find a smart creature feature with an interesting villian.  The story follows a couple on an anniversary camping excursion.  They decide a hotel would be best and hit the road.  Not soon after they are hijacked by a pair of fugitives and end up at a gas station in the middle of nowhere with a burnt out radiator.  They soon realize, after one of the team in attacked, that there is a crazy creature which jumps from host to host via splinters.  It's an interesting blend of zombie like infestation with other worldly fungus like spreading abilities. 

What sold me on this film is the idea of something crawling and growing inside of your body, taking control of your muscles from the inside.  There are some truly unnerving movements here.  I also was totally surprised by the acting talent on display.  Throughout most of the film I actually agreed with the characters course of action.  
The effects were very good as well, using a mixture of practical CGI effects and makeup.  To put a long story short, this film is ten times better than the crap they sling in the theatres.  I recommend checking it out for those looking for a nice creature movie with an interesting menace.  I'm also very interested in the possibilities of sequels, since the ending left me wondering how wide spread the splinters are.  
I rate it 4 self aware 'evil dead' type hands 

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