Thursday, March 25, 2010

Modest Mouse documentary

Modest Mouse

modest mouse

I ran into Modest Mouse long ago when I was living in New York back in the early 2000s or very late 90s and spent a weekend with them at the Bowery Ballroom not knowing who they where until after the show. Just on a friends reference to check them out. Just thought these guys were amazing and lived the moment to the fullest with randomness. Also it's pretty awesome to watch someone play a guitar with his mouth yelling out lyrics. Sounded like a plan over a mountain of Paps Blue Ribbon cans. They've greatly changed since the late 90s to what they are today and I doubt they remember me. Johnny Marr from the Smiths is currently in their lineup which I find strange. I still listen to their first three albums occasionally. Here's a very old documentary with the group and featuring many artists such as Built to Spill and Elliot Smith featured below in order. Enjoy and please ROCK ON!

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