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Moon: Film Review

Moon:Film Review


A very well crafted film showing a man experiencing a personal crisis on a Moon base to harvest resources for Earth. The film was shot very clean and gave the feeling of solitude through out the film even with the help of his only contact a personal robot, voiced by Kevin Spacey, to care for him as he breaks down slowly as the film progresses. The acting in the film is superb and just stunning with a twist towards the end that will make you question. One of the best Sci-Fi films of last year.
A note from Eric
I was eagerly anticipating watching this film when it was released. The talk surrounding it made it sound like a return to the brainier science fiction films of the ole' black and white years. Some were comparing it to 2001. After watching the film I must say I agree with both points. I loved the sense of isolation you experience along withe the main character. I was also extremely impressed with the way Sam Rockwell's character interacts with himself (not much of a spoiler to be honest). Coming from someone who has done some basic split screen type effects, including some interaction, that ping pong scene was stunning.
The music was one of the highlights of the film as well. The score moves the story forward at an almost constant pace. It was hypnotizing to be sure.
Now I had a few issues with the film to be perfectly honest. When I sat down to watch it I had totally different expectations as to the plot. The ending threw me off completely. I have a feeling if I rewatch it I would actually enjoy it even more than the ... confusing... first go through.
I'm looking foward to seeing what Duncan Jones does next, since this was his first film.
I agree with Richard. Best Sci Fi film of 09'. Of course the only competition was Pandorum, a more action/horror driven story that wasn't too shabby in my opinion but it aint winnin' any awards.
I give it 4 out of 5 split personalities/clones/mental breakdowns/who knows

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