Saturday, March 7, 2009

Film Review - Watchmen

Film Review: WATCHMEN

I had the chance to check out Watchmen last night and thought it was pretty damn cool.  I, admittedly, have not read the graphic novel on which it is based, so my impressions of the film are based solely on what I experienced while watching it.  
One thing I have to say is that this film is Lord of the Rings style LOOONG.  Some parts felt like they may have dragged on a bit, but I can also see why they would do this.  If you are gonna try and make the definitive film to a piece of beloved literature, you better just go all out and do it proper.  This film was made for the fans, obviously by a fan.  
Apart from the runtime the movie has an excellent style.  I loved the premise and the fact that it takes place in a time period we are both familiar with yet feel alien to (due to the alternate nature of it).  The story was a bit crazy, but I didn't feel it was too hard to follow.  Don't expect to have your hand held though as the film tends to jump in and out of flashbacks quite a bit.  It's the kind of film where if you leave to get more popcorn there's a chance you will be lost.  
I really loved all the characters!  My favorite was Rorschach.

All the various superheroes had their own unique style.  Rorschach's seemed to be a more modern type character full of dark thoughts and a terribly troubled past.  The Night Owl felt more like old school superheroes, very dorky and a total do gooder.  The Comedian's character had more in common with bad guys than the good ones.  
There's a lot to like about this film and I highly recommend checking it out.  Not for the easily shocked and grossed out though since there is tons of violence, including a couple really unnerving scenes.  This makes me want to read the the source material... in fact I'm going to make a point of it.  

a bit too much blue balls and man ass though... put some clothes on dude.

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