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Introducing: Sharkweek & Mad Classy

Introducing: Shark Week & Mad Classy


I first ran into Shark week via the club scene in Austin after time and remember him telling me about his new weekly a while back and ventured in. Thought and still think it's one of the most fun weeklies. Good basslines and all that jazz. I'm starting to have some dub step in my sets now.

Where did you come up with the brilliant name Shark Week?

Hahaha it just kinda happened. I was picking out random dj names for a while just fuckin around, one day i went with sharkweek and some friends basically said i couldn't stop using it. I think its hilarious but it works, people don't forget shark week.

How long have you been djing for and how did you swim into dub step?

Started djing in late 2001/2002. Played drum and bass for a while in San Antonio, eventually moved up to Austin in 04 and stopped playing out, just played hip hop at home with my roommate and would tag with friends and shit randomly. I didn't really get into dub step when I first heard it.. The first few tunes I heard were on laptop speakers and didn't do it justice at all. I started going to check out Weight @ Plush and got into Parson's Tractor Pull and Grommit's Crawlspace Funk mixes and pretty much loved it since then. Didn't start playing it alot until later but I haven't looked back.
It's basically got everything i want out of some electronic dance music with a whole lot more bass and ladies love it.

How did the weekly develop? Hows it going? Any cool past and present and future guests? Who's entirely involved?

Well we went up to Barcelona to talk to Garrett, the bar manager after a friend had told us he was getting into dub step. We talked to him one night, then a week later we showed up with tunes and gave him a live demo. That was the first Sunday and its just kinda grown ever since.
Mad Classy is Chango, JE, and myself. Parson & Marst have been down since day one also. we've got a big irresponsible family of crazy people with awesome ideas, its pretty dope.

Where do you see dubstep going as you hear through the water?

As far as growth, its been snowballing basically. every show we do has been pretty successful, and they keep getting better. We've had MRK1, 6Blocc, Joe Nice, OSC, and most recently Reso which was super dope. In the next few weeks we've got Matty G and Rusko coming in for sxsw. i have a feeling that's going to get pretty retarded awesome. We've got a small (pretty much some free beer) sponsorship with Heineken and recently got hooked up with Scion through you which is bad ass.

Dub step is exploding man.. I see Texas blowing up even more than it has been. This place is swimming with super talented people. The music is expanding in all directions also and more and more people are getting into it. I don't see it slowing down any time soon.

Do you and crew have an projects on expansion from Austin? Taking it to a new floor to get down on?

Shit I'd love to travel, I'm trying to get out to California sometime this summer to visit my sister and would love to line up some shows out there. For right now we play around Texas, mostly Austin and San Antonio and clubs and these new raves they've got. played a Texas Dub show in Houston that was really dope. Hope to be back out there soon and want to hit up Dallas as well.

What's your favorite film monster?


The aliens from Alien count cause they're fucking ruthless.

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