Tuesday, March 24, 2009

sxsw2009 recap

This video sums up what goes on in my marble. It's a great video and well created.
Theme song for me during sxsw 2009.

Shout outs to:
Fader Magazine crew, Frank 151 crew, Dubfrequency crew, Mad Decent crew, Matt Sonzala, IHEARTCOMIX crew, Jesse K, Paul Chang, Johnathan (ninja) Flufftronix, Skeet Skeet, Dirk Diggala, Mattnice, BRMG, Crop Diggie, Six Lounge, Toddy B, Tarek, Eric Power, Blaqstarr, Kid Cudi, Nick Catchdubs and the Fools Gold brigade, Danny Rocha, Kmac, Matt Costa, Haul, Emily Rabbit, Simon and the Taxlo crew, James Nasty, Sega, Tameli, Dirty South Joe, R.I.P. REMINGTON, Malu, Noah & Arron, Digiwaxx crew, Mo, Franki Chan, Dylan Roadie, Toxic Avengers, Wemakeyoufamous, DMG$, DJ Rhythmic, Fern from the famousish, Bun B, Lezlie Rogers for being Lezlie, Migs & crew from UloveI, my cabbies, the interns, Dreadedphoto, Barcelona, Mad Classy crew, Tash for wise words, Curt from flossy, tequila w/monster drank(don't do it), Jolie, Ren&Stimpy, Mike Relm, U God, and everyone else I was kickin it with going hard and worked with.

* Now back to out regular format bloggy blogs. Next up an interview with the Legend and creator of Baltimore Club and a review of a grammy nominated film.

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