Monday, December 21, 2009

Film Review: Avatar

Film Review: Avatar

Out of all the films that have come out this year, Avatar ranks as my number one! I was completely mesmerized by the experience, and yes it is an experience rather than another winter blockbuster. The film hit me on a deeper level than I expected, and the feeling seemed to be mutual among my fellow movie goers.
It is best to go into this film with little knowledge of what to expect, so I will keep this brief.
Very rarely does a film compel me to be a better person in my everyday life. It isn't often I am left with my mind completely blown, not only due to the gorgeous art direction and animation, but to the feeling and emotion conveyed on screen.
If I had seen this as a kid I would have left the theater in a state of euphoric child like bliss. I can imagine myself climbing every tree in sight, and opening my eyes a little bit wider than usual.
Bottom line: This film makes you want to hug the world and plant a tree. Go see it now!


Brian Barker said...

And before "Avatar" and "Star Trek" there was Bill Shatner speaking Esperanto, in the horror film called "Incubus".


As an Esperanto speaker I found it terrifying! His Esperanto pronunciation that is, not the film.

Your readers may be interested in :)

Jean said...

Found the film visually aressting but overall it was quite a letdown esp since the narrative was cliche as hell.