Monday, December 14, 2009

Film Review: Thirst

Film Review: Thirst


Korean director Park Chan-wook directs and writes another brilliant film. Thirst is a film about a priest that helps the needy but looks to find himself in a twist of fate when volunteering to be an experiment to find a cure for a deadly disease to help rid himself of coping watching the world devour itself in pain and suffering. He survives the experiment to slowly find himself turning into a vampire. He falls into a love triangle with a childhood friends wife that's in an ill relation. Things escalate in the heat of passion to a thrill ride into a dark tunnel of events to come. The film is loosely based on Thérèse Raquin by French writer Émile François Zola. The plot and characters in the film are well crafted. The cinematography is amazing with the use of color and much symbolism throughout the whole film. One of my favorite films from this year hands down.

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