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Had a chat with Yppah about his new album that just came out. He's currently signed onto to Ninja Tune and from Texas. His music productions has been featured in games and even films.

How are you doing today?

Hello Richard. I am very well thank you. :D

How did you get your start in wanting to produce songs and into DJing?

I started playing guitar when I was like 10 and would learn songs that I liked and formed shitty little rock bands. I kind of just did that until i was a couple of years into high school. Around that time me and some friends of mine got into DJing and that led to scratching and working on 'scratch music'. After a while we started recording what we were doing with samples and turntables. That led to wanting to produce and the realization that i could start incorporating guitar and other instruments that I played.

On your last album They know what Ghosts Know how long did it take you to create it?

It took about a year. I had about a year and a half's worth of material from right after i finished my first album, but i ended up scrapping everything. I wasn't satisfied with anything i was making and felt it was all mediocre. I was having trouble finding a direction. I'm not exactly sure when or what song i was working on when i turned the corner but had taken a short break and was listening to a lot of early 90s indie rock. Mainly shoe gaze sort of stuff. It was then that i started finally coming up with songs that i was happy with. Then a year later i had the songs for my final album.

What instruments do prefer to use for the past album?

I was pretty much going for a straight rock band sound with the electronic feel along with most of the same elements from my first album. Things like guitar, bass, drums... standard rock band instruments.

Did you have a concept for it when structuring it?

Not originally. I definitely had a idea after all the break and the whole scrapping of the first batch of material situation.

The track Shutter Speed is rather interesting in the build up, how did you create the song and what inspired you for that song?

I actually made that track when i was living in Austin for a short time. I think i was listening to a ton of stereo lab, so I'm sure that had a big influence. A friend of mine had this junky little drum set that i recorded with a pzm mic and kind of just built everything else around it.

What are some of your influences?

I like comic art a lot. I don't know exactly how much it directly affects my music. I like looking at Basil Wolverton drawings... they make me laugh. I guess i try to incorporate melodies that invoke emotion along the lines of melancholy and a sort of happy whimsical giddyness. Maybe that's where the comic side fits in. Aside from that its just a lot of psych rock, shoegaze and beat oriented music. A lot of various electronic bands. I like Air and Radiohead's compositions a ton. Clark is some really awesome stuff that I've been just recently get into.

Any plans on using live vocals for future projects or road shows?

Yeah there are always plans for vocals. I tried to incorporate some on this last one, but it didn't really pan out. I think this next album should definitely be quite a bit more vocal heavy.

Do you have any more plans for having music on video games?

That's kind of up to my licensing. Hopefully we get some leads soon. I really like money. Spending it, Using it to buy things and live. So yeah, I hope it happens soon ha ha.

How was traveling to Japan and what were some highlights being out there?

I loved Japan. The crowds out there are great. The first trip out we played a sold out crowd in Tokyo a couple thousand deep i think. That was pretty crazy playing to that many people. I liked walking around the Shibuya area. Its fascinating with all the crazy little stores and lights. Kind of expensive but fun.

Any plans on performing soon?

The only thing of the books for Yppah so far is SXSW. We are working on securing a spot for the NRMAL Festival in Monterrey Mexico the week before SXSW. It looks like that might pan out.

What are some current projects you have and future plans?

Right now I'm working on a project called Collider with a friend of mine who produces under the name Pollination. He has a release out on Exponential Records called Inca Orange and was also a part of the Day Of The Woman project. As of right now all we have out is a remix we did for the major lazer contest. We should hopefully have something completed by the summer.

Any films that find influencing you with creating your tunes?

Nah not really. I watch a bunch of junk. I like typical shitty movies so i don't think that's really influencing anything I'm making..Ha.

What is your favorite film monster?

ha ha... the Leprechaun from the Leprechaun Movies. Hes a little bastard!


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