Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Film Review : Paranormal Activity

Film Review:Paranormal Activity

paranormal activity

Didn't make time to catch this at the cinema but I also have a mini theater called my living room. The film was a little bit hyped up but overall I thought the film did justice for the budget it had. Tells a story of a young couple haunted by a demon that brings them the most terrifying night terrors. I felt bad for the couple dealing with the unforeseen nuisance. I guess the girl forgot to tell her boyfriend before she moved in that she has a stalker demon.. Everyone has baggage!
There is one scene that made me jump a little. I don't scare easy so it must have been frightening. The film was shot in a camcorder type style with no soundtrack really, except bass heavy eerie noises from everywhere. It was influenced by the Blair Witch Project in my opinion. I would recommend to check it out or rent it at your local video store.

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