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Introducing: DJ Signify

Introducing:DJ Signify

dj signify

Last of the three part interviews that were found in my Blast from the Past circa 2004 days. DJ Signify is a very interesting person with some very impressive production skills. Here is more from the interview with him..

What inspired you to create Winters Going?

I thought the album was dark and needed something

Why did you decided to collaborate with Buck 65?

He's been a homie of mine for many years and a huge
influence on my music, I thought he would do a good
job on the record and would understand what I was

Can you explain the art work behind the album?

The kid who did does most of Lex stuff and is named
Bat and he did his art for boombit.I was really siked
to work with him and told him that I wanted something
very minimal. He came back with the idea of his of
making the album a coffin and the hands inside are
pushing out. I really like it a lot! Very consistent
with the record.

Any artists that your interested in working with in
the future?

I did a track with Grande Master Cass from
the kool quest brothers.

Any future plans?

I'm actually getting really amped to do an
instrumental record.

Same kind of sound as Winters going?

You never know till you hear it.

Tell me about Lex Records?

Lex is a series from Warp Records and was started by a
guy named Tom Brown, basically a hip-hop division of
Warp. Going into the hip-hop genre. They have made a
name for themselves and Danger Mouse, Gemini, the
Gifted one, Sage, and Boombit is on the label
and the label seems to be doing quit well.

How do you feel about artists such as Prefuse 73?

I do!, I really don't look into artists thinking is
this hip-hop or not. Not the way I look at things. I
really do like him as an artist and think he is

How long have you been in this business?

I've been a DJ since 95. I had a radio show. I've been
making beats for about four years.

Do you listen to anything else besides hip-hop?

I listen to tons of stuff that is not hip-hop based.
Lately I've been listening to rock based stuff.My
obsession is crowd rock and post punk. Which has a
lot of parallels to hip-hop. It's really based on
drums around that music. I'm obsessed with that music
as I am with hip-hop. I'm into in a really big way.

Are you looking into possibly doing film scores?

I would love too!

What kind of genre would you be interested in?

I would be interested in doing any genre but I would
have to like.

What do you have planned for the future?

First off the bass player, Matt Kelly.I'm pretty much
sure I'm going to collaborate with him at some point
again.The two guys in our band are real inspiring. I
think me and Rob are talking about doing an EP
together.Where we would take a lot of dope West coast
mcs like Sinco and we have this Etour EP that me and
Rob did. I did the beats and Rob raps on it. Have a 7
inch with Grande Master Cas coming out in a couple of
weeks coming out on Grande Good Records. I did a mix
with Stienski, the Sugarco, it's only out on import on
sugarhill suites.

whats your favorite color?

I don't have a favorite color, probably grey if

More info on DJ Signify can be found:

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