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Introducing: Blockhead



A blast from the past circa 2004 interview with Blockhead of Ninja Tune. The interview was for a Texas zine called Feedback Magazine I used to work for part time which most of the content was cut until NOW. Thank you Rylie for finding this. These are my first ever interviews with people and I was very nervous btw.. more than usual...

How would you feel about doing film scores any plans
with this?

I would love too but it's the matter that I work with
samples so when I do an album I would have to make an
obscure version.

Have you done anything currently leaning towards this?

I've done stuff for video games like Getaway 2 but it
was music they gave and it really didn't matter what
music I sampled.

Do you find yourself ever mcing once again?

Not in a serious way. The people that like my beats
would not like the kinda rap I do. Ignorant battle
raps. That's the way it was 7 years ago.

How long have you been involved in music?

I've been making beats since 93 and I got my sampler
in 94.

What kind of sampler do you use?

An ARS 10

How did you hook up with Aesop Rock?

I met him in collage in 94 and we used to rap together
and we both started making beats at the same time. We
became friends and from that we built that I took the
more beat direction and he took the more rhyming
direction. We're homeboys you know.

What inspired you to create tracks such as

It's all about melody and getting something that will
catch someones ear, ya know. I kinda just sit there
until it's done and when I step away from it, it's
done. More about sequencing and building memento.

Do you think that you will possibly might be working with
RJD2 at some point?

To a point. I just don't think that there is a point
for two producers to work together. Cause we both have
our own styles, own ideas on how to make beats,
different equipment. Both kinda go in different
directions. I just see no purpose to it.

What have you been listening to recently?

Mf Doom, Master Killa, I like TI. I got lime wire so
I've been downloading a lot of stuff, basically
whatever I get my hands on.

How do you feel about people downloading your tracks
off the net?

You can't really do anything about it, it's
promotions.When your an artist at my level you really
don't depend on record sales.

Did you used to work in a bakery?

Yea! I did it for 5 years!

I used to dig graves and make pizzas!

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