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Here is another interview which was found in the Internet email archives from 2004. Never was published until now.

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Ha, I noticed that you and Signify both collaborate with
Buck 65?

Well Buck is a long time partner of my mind. Started
making music with him since 95. AS the sebutones we
released a couple records together, like rap records
that we're both mcing on and sharing production
duties. And over the years of course we sort of gone
into our own directions. I still on occasion work with
him. But for the most part I'm just more interested in
developing my own career as a rapper. But as hip-hop
music goes there's a lot of similarities in taste of
myself and Justin. I think we both come from the same
era with lyrics. When lyrics were very important. For
now that focus doesn't seem to be there too much

What do you think about Madlib?

I think Madlib is really dope. I like a lot of the
Quananm kats. Doom is still around kinda left over
from the old days. But both of us come from that era
and more so appreciated cats with lyrics.

What inspired you the most to create your unique sound?

Mostly from beat diggin.You know growing up the era of
hip-hop that I did. The only rule was not to fight and
as a result of that I think my taste for music has
gone a little less centered looking for beats that
may or may not have been touched before. Generally
being exposed to genres of music for the most part
that haven't been sampled but could be sampled.
Specifically minimal musics that have an interesting
flare to them. That is what I'm trying to do with my
own music now. Influence from everything from French
pop to punk rock. Straight up rock to breaks to Jazz
to funk and soul and take what I considered the strong
elements of all those different musics put them into
my own thing without exploiting them but more so
paying homage to all those genres

On your latest album did the Montreal winters have an

Part of it but more so than anything. Just trying to
make a record that really..especially an instrumental
record you would want there to be the same emotion and
tenacity that you would put into a lyric record. My
music has always been real personal and all most
enough so that has pushed me out of writing. I really
don't wanna release my diaries to the public as a
result to that I think I've been trying to put that
same emotions and tenacity to instrumental music.

Still writing?

I'm still writing a lot , I still do raps but
generally I think my life has gotten phased in the
last of the while and there's personal shit. Some
people feel that I and some of the anticon guys have
created a new genre that is specifically that. It's
like diary rap. Like wearing armor in our sleep. All
these thing I generally don't even like, you know.
I prefer not play peoples emotions as my writing style

I felt the same when I heard one of Buck 65's
songs.The song was on check with the moment of what
was going on in my life.

Tell me about the art that is involved?

I mostly do stuff myself. These days I'm too busy
focusing on music as also a visual artist my taste in
art ascetics are a little refined. The guy who did
all my ninja stuff. Like my chewing on glass record
and my new ep that is coming out in October. My friend
Font a well known graffiti artist in Canada and mostly
doing commercial illustration work these days. I told
him to listen to my record for a couple of weeks and
do what you do. I think that's how friends should do

How did you get started with Ninja tunes?

Jeff was really into the direction my music was
heading. Was doing a live album and sampling myself
and using rique records that caught their attention of
the guys in the uk.

What kind of instruments do you use?

Fender Rhodes, bass, an mpc and other analog outboard
stuff. I use Api compressors.

What kind of music have you been listening to mostly
up in the now?

Everything from Avant Garde music to 70's music

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