Friday, July 23, 2010

Film Review: Battle Royale

Film Review: Battle Royale

Battle Royale

This is in my top ten favorite films.

A Japanese film based on a Japanese novel. Stars Takeshi Kitano along with Chiaki Kuriyama whom was GoGo in Kill Bill among others. The film takes place in the near future of Japan where much of the children have kinda caused the adults to have a fear of a threat. The story continues with the main character losing his father to suicide after his mother abandons him. Finding his mind clouded by disillusion and little respect for authorities like his peers. The class ends up on going on a bus trip to be gassed, kidnapped and slowly awaken to find metal collars around their necks in a cold tattered classroom with their old teacher. The teacher informs them that they have been selected to participate in a program called "Battle Royale" which means everyone has to kill each other off until there is one person left. The children are devastated and shocked by but proceed to a bloody slaughter of each other. Some get with the program and others that don't are slain by fellow classmates for survival. Fewer and fewer students are left from the traps set from their teacher and fellow classmates on a rampage. There is much to tell about this film and I should write a paper on how great this film is. The character build up in the film is great and you can relate to most of the students. The cinematography was a little above average but set the mood. The score of the film really set the mood. A very bloody and tasteful film of many themes.

Here is a film trailer from Japan. Enjoy.

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