Monday, July 5, 2010

Film Review: A-Team

Film review:A-Team


There's been a trend of Hollywood remakes of old films and TV series in the past lately. Some good while some bad. The modernization of the A-Team was a smart witty action packed film that had me whistling the theme song when leaving the theater. Produced by Ridley Scott, it has the same plot of the old series with being sentenced for a crime they didn't commit and faced with impossible situations that they cleverly overtaken. The story starts off of as kinda of a prequel to the whole series, starting with them being set up then escaping from prison with a bit of vengeance and a bit wanting to complete a mission. The film takes place today with an Alpha team after the Gulf war, a bit of a Black water soldiers of fortune undertone at times. The location sets that changed kept the film at interest. The characters which makes the A-Team, many people were a bit hesitant about, were on point. Hannibal is played by Liam Neeson, Face is played by Bradley Cooper, Murdock was played by Sharlto Copley and B.A. Barckus is played by UFC Champion Quinton Jackson. I think most people were a little worried and may be opposed to the role formally played by Mr.T but the cast was very believable from the get go. There's always someone out that has to complain about something. Overall I found the film explosively amusing and well done for a remake.

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