Monday, July 26, 2010

Introducing: Manikin

Introducing: Manikin


A band that I really enjoy watching and listening to in Austin. A post punk vibe with a unique sound that is peppered with other sounds. Had a moment to share a few words with Alfie from the band. I highly suggest you check them out and catch one of their shows in the area.

How long has the band been together and how did it form?

We form the band out of boredom- it's been almost a decade in the making and there's seem to be nothing to cover the void we all feel inside.

Where are some the most memorable places that Manikin have played at and why?

One memorable show was at Emo's where there was only one guy at the front dancing like he was doing the P90X commercial. it was a little show in it self. I almost forgot we were playing- it was that cool to watch.

What are some of the influences of the band, also any favorite local bands that you enjoy playing with?

Early Siouxsie and Joy Division, The Avengers, Prince and Michael Jackson, the Adolescence, The Vibrators, Madonna, the Normals, maybe Lydia Lunch and Richard Hell. Lots of stuff. We enjoy paying with The Hexie, Bottle Service,

On your most recent album, Stop the Sirens, how long did it take to record and write the songs for the album?

like five minutes- it comes to us in a dream and completely ornamented and ready to be disastered.

Can you elaborate on what the song Sirens is about?

it's about escaping but getting caught. Also Perfect Picture is another song that grabs my attention, can you tell a little bit more about? Our struggle is the same in any generation. The message is the same but with different author. We are not any better.

Do you have songs that are not released yet that you didn’t find to fit on the last three albums, any thoughts of working on a B-Side compilation cd?

We're breaking that mold actually. Soon we'll be as free as a caged bird.

How many albums do you have out and how do they differ from one another?

3 albums- they're different because the were made from different places in our lives. We're changing constantly.

How does the band develop songs? Do usually come up with a concept or just work off from each other jamming?

In a dream- I heard this question before or was I just dreaming again.

What are the upcoming plans for the band and thoughts about working on another album?

Focusing in making good songs- better songs.

Who does the art work for Manikin?

global consciousness does it

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