Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Eric's Pick- Best films of 2008

For some reason I find it really hard to put together a list this year. I'm typically not the type of person who likes to pick favorites, since I enjoy each film for entirely different reasons. I feel the main problem putting a list together is simply that I couldn't find the time to view too many films released this year. My Netflix queue is getting a bit thin these days (probably due to work). I would have loved to check out Synedoche, New York, Burn After Reading, and Gran Turino (among others) before making my decision (I'll have to give an update later).
2008 seemed to be more focused on super hero films (they stole the show, right?) and some major disappointment (I'm looking at you Indiana). So here is a brief list of films that made an impact on me this year:


This was classic storytelling in its finest! I love a film that doesn't have to say much to get its message across, and Wall-E is a prime example. The animation, as always, was superb. It's amazing how much life was put into the characters simply through subtle nuances in body language and tone.


A film that needs no introduction to readers of D.A.M. Scroll down a bit to read my review of this epic masterpiece.


A fine example of modern day filmmaking technique. This film did RIGHT what Diary of the Dead did WRONG, that is, make you believe the person behind the camera would film during such a crisis. Hands down one of the most exciting experiences this year. Plus you gotta love seeing a good old fashioned monster thrashing!


Beautifully crafted animation that told a story we all could relate to, despite cultural differences. I can't stress how much I love seeing traditional animation make a strong impact in 3d obsessed animation world.

Dark Knight

No doubt this one makes the list. Stunning performances, excellent plot, and GOD DAMN was the Joker an evil bastard.

Quantam of Solace

Bond the way he should be portrayed (my opinion of course). This film really tied up Casino Royale well. I love how Bond grows as an agent on his first mission. Daniel Craig brought a human side to Bond that had dwindled in the past films. You really feel for the guy.

These are a few of my top picks of 2008. Once again I must stress that I haven't seen nearly enough of the films that I meant to. If you have a recommendation for me please leave it in the comments section. CHEERS!

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