Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Film Review - Punisher War Zone

I was very excited about seeing this film, despite the fact that I never followed the comic book series. I gotta say I really loved it! There is something about wanton violence in a revenge setting that gets my blood pumping. This film is for those of you who like your gore over the top (Rambo 4 anyone?). The special effects were extremely well done, save for the explosion scenes which weren't as high on the priority list.
The dialogue in this movie, however sparse, was priceless. There were quite a few highly quotable moments in the film along the lines of movies such as Predator (if it bleeds, we can kill it) that had me, and the other theatre goers, laughing in the aisles. Gotta love it. I read a review somewhere saying how it felt like an 80's adrenaline movie. I have to agree, but is that such a crime? Sometimes you just wanna sit back and watch someone KICK ASS!

This is an official Destroy all Monsters recommendation!

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