Thursday, February 17, 2011

Film Review: The American

Film Review: The American

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Directed by Anton Corbijn. It's an adaption from the novel A very Private Gentleman by Martin Booth. George Clooney portrays Jack, an assassin and custom arms maker that's on holiday in the forests of Sweden with his love to find out an ambush. During the ambush he kills his lover and a couple of other assassins then flees to Italy to contact his handler to obtain a job to build a sniper riffle with a silencer. While in Italy he befriends a local priest and falls into a steamy romance with a lovely prostitute (Clara). After building the weapon he decides to ask Clara to run away with him and discovers who the weapon was built to assassinate. The film is sleek and very stylish with a film noir type setting that will leave the audience guessing what is going to happen next. Not your typical blast them to the sky type film but a deeper sense of how alone the main character with beautiful camera work and settings. The cinematography and camera work brings out the old Ian Flemming. The story of the film was well paced and the characters are interesting. This is a film that you can judge by it's cover. Simply cool and mysterious.

3 out of 4 stars

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