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miguel angel

Ran into Miguel long ago and ran into many different events, noticing that we have many similar tastes in music and film over the years. He's always busy doing something for sure but always make time to catch the crazy aspects of the Austin night life. Eventually he started documented it to these rather cool videos and photos that are stunning. Here's a little interview I had with him the other night about some of things he does and places to possibly catch him at.

So what did you do this past weekend?

Friday: DJ set at the First Friday Frolic at Club De Ville. Then took photos over at the 4th Fashion Freakout at Mohawk. Then Stopped by a bit for my friend's Toddy B's Birthday at Enzo.
Saturday: New Noise at Barbarella
Sunday: Super Bowl at Frank hot dogs

What are some of things that you do?

I take photos, I DJ, I make videos, I promote, I host, and I have it all documented to prove it.

Your photos really capture the moment for the nighttime. How were you influenced to go out and start taking pictures?

I have always been the guy with the camera. I have pictures from my whole life. So it is natural for me to carry a camera with me everywhere. I started by simply photos of only my friends and I, but it quickly started to spread as others just jumped into the photo. People began asking where they could view the photos, so I started to post them online. Then it became what I was known for.

What are some of your craziest moments you’ve had in your nighttime ventures?

Fights and Women. I have captured some pretty crazy fights that can be viewed here and as for the women, well......I'm just too much of a gentlemen to go into details.

When out and about DJing, what are some of your favorite spots to play and what places do you currently play at?

I like the more underground, indie bars to DJ at. I play a fun 80's, 90's, New Wave, Hip Hop set filled with Doo Wop oldies and show tunes. Favorite place right now would have to be Dirty Bills, it's just a friendly small bar with everybody singing along to my every selection. Favorite of all time was Music Gym. "A real shit-hole" some would say, but to me it was like that ugly child only you found beautiful. Filled with beer cans flying, excessive drug use, unnecessary fights, half naked tattooed get point. Everything was "A Go". As of now I have two monthly events: 2nd wednesdays at Dirty Bills called DIRTY and Last wednesdays of every month at Lanai, titled A Night For Lovers.

Any future plans coming up?

Just getting ready for SXSW and another special project Im helping with. Cant really give away to many details other than the name, "Kingdom"

Wanna work on a film?

I focus more on smaller projects, but I'm always up for it.

Who is your favorite film monster?

Pan's Labyrinth
The Pale Man


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