Sunday, September 20, 2009

District 9

Film Review:District 9

district 9

"We just want to go home."

Where to begin with District 9. Just been in anticipation seeing this film since the previews a while ago. The setting is in South Africa near Johannesburg in the current. Basically some Aliens ran out of gas, took a pit stop in South Africa and are trying to get back home while going through some hardships. The special effects are stunning throughout the film. The is a strong racist undertone in the film with the humans view of the aliens. Segregation of them into these favela style housing then attempts to relocate them farther away from human contact in some white garbage bag made tent compound. Another observation is when the Warlords consume the aliens for meals so they can gain their special powers in their eyes. This is true right now in Africa with Albinos being dragged out of their huts to find themselves being grounded to dust also eaten alive by witch doctors. That's something that's really frightening. I even cried during the film at points. I support the aliens trying to go home. On a lighter note there are plenty of times that made me laugh in a quirky sort of way. The film did go a little too fast for character development and could have had a better ending but I see this possibly turning into a sequel in a good way. Overall I liked the movie very much and plan to add this to my home collection.

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