Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Unborn

Review:The Unborn


I went into watching this film with a more negative idea of another demon baby flick. Actually I was proven wrong. The film deals with Jewish mythology of an evil lost soul trying to regain entrance to the relm of the living. It's has a Hitchock type feel to it with the built up suspense. The cinematography was on point and gave the film its feel of a cold blooded horror movie. Odette Yustman plays Casey whom is being tormented by odd dreams with Gary Oldman playing Rabbi Sendak. Odette Yustmans has a very promising future after this role and Cloverfield or I just simply have a crush on her at the moment. Sorry I can't lie. I was spell bounded by The Unborn. There is no happy ending in this film sorry to burst your balloon.

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