Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thoughts on Film: Cliches

A look at film cliches!

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Jazz One said...

Hey cat, you are swinging for the fences with these videos, another home run.
Every time I go home on the train I try to talk someone into wrestling with me on top of the train. You know that one movie that had a scene like that right? There is the tunnel that the good guy ducks under. Oh yeah, hanging from the side of the train and narrowly missing the sign or whatever is beside the tracks.
Then there is always the nerdy chick who is hot when she lets her hair down and pulls her glasses off. I think one of those parody movies already covered that one.
One last one, as a big man, why does almost every fat dude in a movie have to be a glutton and usually have a food stain on his shirt? I have turned down being in films because I don't like this cliche.