Sunday, September 20, 2009

Inglorious Basterds

Film Review:Inglorious Basterds


This is my favorite film from 2009 and made my top 20 favorite films. So amazing I saw it in the theaters 2 times and might see it again. The film takes place in Nazi occupied France with a band of American Jewish soldiers led by Lt. Aldo on a hunt for Nazis. Another important character in the film is Shosanna Dreyfus played by the lovely Melanie Laurent. Christopher Waltz plays the Jew Hunter Nazi and should receive much applause at the film festivals.The film is told in stories from the beginning to the end with much violence and twists of dark humor that flood the film. Vengeance is the theme and it's known through out the film. It was very well written and the characters are on point. Very impressed with Quentin for finally making a good movie. Honestly I just want to tell to go see this, I really don't want to give out too much info about the film.

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Jazz One said...

What's up Richard? I saw this in theaters twice myself. It is definitely on the list to pick up when it hits dvd.
I took my girl the second time. I tell everyone like I did her, if you like Tarantino, you will like this film, if you don't like Tarantino, you will hate it.
I love the dialogue. I love the tension.
My ex-wife and I use to review movies by how much we should have paid to see the movie. It ranged from waiting till it is on tv to renting it to seeing it at a matinée to paying full price.
Basterds was a full price film.