Thursday, September 17, 2009

Introducing: Dylan Roadie

Introducing:Dylan Roadie Interview


Had the pleasure to have quick sit down with Dylan Roadie. Dylan is always on the move on something big.

Tell us a little about yourself and how did you get your start in the business.

Shortly after my first high school band, PUD, started up. I started putting on shows. By the end of high school i was putting out records, driving bands around the NW and playing in several bands a year, when I had the time.

In my early 20s i was working at Sub Pop records and one of their bands, The Black Halos, needed a roadie. I gave Sub Pop a two day notice, called my brother Gabe in to take over my job, and headed out on the road. That was 1999... Haven't really looked back.

What are some your more enjoyable tours that you have been on?

I really loved touring Australia on the Big Day Out tour with Peaches. I was working for Samantha Maloney, who was playing drums for Peaches. We hung out with Tool and Crystal Method, a lot. 11 shows in three weeks... it ruled. After the last show of the tour, Tool hosted a Super Bowl party at the hotel. It was great.

Most interesting situations you’ve been in within the past year?

I have had several interesting situations this year. Two that stick out: 1) Going golfing in Austin with Spyder (Pat Benatars husband and Guitar player). That was a great day. I played like crap and enjoyed every minute of it.

2) My older brother's wedding this past September. I went up a few days before and helped work on his house. The wedding was in the back yard. Family and Home are super important, especially when you tour a lot. My brother has been on the road for a few years more then I. So it was cool to see him get something so important.

What’s playing in your I-pod these days?

Sleepercar, Jim Ward's (Sparta/ATDI) new band. Its a great record of Texas rock.
Mariachi El Bronx. This is my favorite record of this year. I have listened to it every morning since July 16th.
Book of Black Earth has been blasting my iPod when i get ready to go out at night. They are my dudes from Seattle. They play brutal Black Metal. It is completely unforgiving and raw. Every record is a winner.

You have a little crush on Tejano trumpets I hear, how long has this been going on?

Yeah, I have always liked latin music. Especially, the boarder music and just about any polka from mexico. So when i moved to LA two years ago i started listening to all the great Spanish language stations. And then my best friend Zane told me our friend Jorma's band, The Bronx, were doing a Mariachi record. I was so stoked when Jorma gave me an advance copy. That shit has hardly left my ears this year. I can't say enough about this record. it was exicuted so well. go get it!

What are some of your current projects that you have on your plate?

Well besides my regular gigs with The Donnas and The Chelsea Girls, I am working on launching a new lifestyle/art brand. It is called AVKult. It is based on the idea of pushing visual artists in the way that bands are. With t-shirts, blog reviews and live interactive shows. The first part is to launch the fashion line with a series of t-shirts designed by three artists, myself; Nicole Forte; and Stan Doll IV.

Tell us about the clothing line that you have coming out?

Like I said, i have a few artists that I am working with. The first series is based on touring. The planned soft launch of the shirts, will be this winter. Hopefully the shirts will start hitting the boutiques Spring 2010.

What is your favorite film monster?

I don't know... I guess Joker. Both Jack Nicholson's and Heath Ledger's. Both were appropriately creepy, vulgar and charming. Scary shit.


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