Friday, September 25, 2009

Film Review Dead Man

Review:Dead Man


Dead Man is considered the ultimate post modern western by some. Some consider it just weird and others say it's simply art. Directed by Jim Jarmusch in the Acid Western style. This film has an all star cast including Robert Mitchell for his final role in a film, Johnny Depp, Gibby Haines, Iggy Pop, Crispen Glover and the list just keeps going on and on. An amazing score by Neil Young to give the added quirk and mystery. The cinematography is so clean and well done. Gives you the feel of a time warp back to the old west in California. The film is about a young man named William Blake making his way for a position as a clerk in some busted town. A simply nice person that starts running into odd situations from the beginning and finds himself on the run. The poet William Blake is made reference through out the film. This not just another art house film, the film has style and something to watch on one of those rainy days to have deep thoughts of something. I highly recommend this film for the movie goer and simply for the casting.

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